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3D Skull Reaper Lamp

3D Skull Reaper Lamp

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Are you afraid of the Reaper?? Then you'll love the glow of this 3D Skull Reaper Lamp.

When we first saw this light we couldn't believe our eyes. What we originally thought was a beautifully illuminated three dimensional sculpture was in fact a 2D illusion!

Let the ghoulish glow light up your room for a creepy Halloween effect!

An alluring innovative design, creates an intricate optical illusion. Its construction deceives the eye into thinking that there is a shade, when in fact the lamp is two-dimensional.

Ideal for modern living rooms and bedrooms, home offices and compact spaces, and anywhere decorative illumination is desired. The element never gets hot, so the fixture is safe for all settings.

  • USB plug power with compatible standard Android charger connection
  • Made from durable 4 millimeter Acrylic glass
  • Tap the base to switch through 7 different colours, and find one to match your mood

Stock is limited, so if you like them order soon!

Voltage: 220V


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